Selecting Web Hosting: 9 Aspects You Should Think About

Websites are practically used in every business industry. But people also use websites for their personal usage, so they write a blog and share their personal experience, feelings or share their family photos. Every business company has a web site and they use these sites to develop their business. As you see, every up-to-date person knows about websites, but not everyone knows how to create your own website. And how to start doing this? This article will help you to choose the best web hosting server, and you’ll be able to decide what package and which hosting company are perfect for you.

Let’s consider several options how to choose the right web hosting provider:

  1. Price

The first one you will think about is the price. Of course, you’ll consider the price before you choose the web host, but that doesn’t have to be the most important factor. If you choose the cheapest offer and you think it’s good for you, you may be very disappointed in the end. So, you’ll have to pay twice. Think about whether you want to make money on this website or to have an entertaining site, because in the first case, you will need to invest pretty good sum of money. To sum up, don’t jump into the cheapest web hosting provider.

If you do not know anything about the hosting companies and their packages, then HostMonk will help you with this. There you can find all the prices of particularly all hosting companies. And you can compare it with others.

  1. Features

Different customers need different web hosting providers to meet their goals. Some web hosts propose plans but not solutions to develop your business, and vice versa. Think carefully about what you need, in what your company specializes and only then buy a web host that will help you to develop your goals. Find some reviews and read about the company’s weaknesses and strength. That’s very important.

  1. Specifications

Think carefully about what you want to do with your site. For an e-commerce site, blog, videos and rich content, you can’t buy the cheapest hosting provider. Because it might not have processing power and disk space or the RAM and you’ll just be disappointed, as you can’t do everything you’ve planned. You can call them every time you want and ask any question you like about their company. So, don’t hesitate to talk with the hosting team about your future site.

  1. Customer support

First of all, find some information about their customer’s support. Learn whether you can call them at any time a day or you can just write an email, or chat, etc. When you have some questions and you can’t call them at that time you need, that will be frustrating for you. So, make sure their tech support is really at high level.

  1. Reputation and review

You’ll have to dig deeper and find some interesting information about the web hosting company from their customers. Go to Twitter or Facebook, or just search in Google and read what their clients say about this particular company. Whether they are satisfied or not and why? Is everything on high level with customer support? How long do they answer questions? How they solve the problems with the site, if any occurs? And so on… Web Hosting Talk will help you to find answers to your questions.

On Web Hosting Jury you can read reviews by the clients of different web hosting companies. According to a list of leading web hosting companies, Dreamhost takes the first place, Bluehost – the second, Nearlyfreespeech – the third, 1&1 – fourth, GoDaddy – fifth, HostGator – sixth, A Small Orange – seventh, Lunarpages – eighth, Hostmonster – ninth, and Slicehost – tenth, etc.

  1. Email

Find some information about whether the email is protected from viruses and spam or not. It’s very important thing, because emails are still used and if there are some problems with viruses, maybe the Hosting company just do not have protection from them. And this can be one reason of your problems. Does your domain name is used in your email address? This option is very practical to use for your friends, collegues and customers, because they will remember your email address faster, if they know your domain name. Think about this too.

  1. Interface

You have to find some information about interface. Do they use modern cPanel or Plesk, or some out-of-date options? You’ll have to make out everything connected with interface, WordPress, email by yourself and without calling your web hosting provider. So, that’s very important to have an intuitive interface, as it saves your time and money.

  1. Space and Bandwidth

If you are going to host great amount of files, photos, videos on your site, you have to consider Hosting company’ space and bandwidth. When people use your site, the amount of data transfer is the bandwidth. So, if your site becomes very popular, you will need more bandwidth. Now about the space, even large sites normally do not need a lot of disc space, so do not pay much attention on this.

  1. Future Growing

Think about the future. Will this particular company meet your goals in future, when you will be selling your products online and when your company will be increasing constantly will they have enough traffic to your site? Will they be able to raise your site to a higher standards? So, knowing these factors you are able to create your perfect web site, just do some research, read some features and make a weighted decision.

And last but not least, learn some information about what makes this hosting company special and differs it from others. And whether they are just an ordinary company without nothing new and no further development skills. Also, find out who is hosting any website you like. One more advice, make sure that your hosting company is located not far from your user’s account – that will increase speed.

So, if you know everything perfectly before buying Web Hosting provider, than don’t hesitate, just start making your money online.